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Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements: Embracing All Those which are ...

 By Henry T. Brown

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Engines, Mill and other Gearing, Presses, Horology, and Miscellaneous Machinery ; and including many movements never before published, and several of which have only recently come into use. - Page 3

This method of passing a boat from one shore of a river to the other is common on the Rhine and elsewhere, and is effected by the action of the stream on the rudder, which carries the boat across the stream in the arc of a circle, the center of which is the anchor which holds the boat from floating down the stream. - Page 107

Revolution of drum causes sliding pistons с, с, to move in and out, in obedience to form of cam. Water enters and is removed from the chamber through ports L and M ; the directions are indicated by arrows. Cam is so placed that each piston is, in succession, forced back to its seat when opposite E, and at same time other piston is forced fully against inner side of chamber, thus driving lx;fore it water already there into exit-pipe H, and drawing after it, through suction-pipe F, the stream of... - Page 109

Oi the coil or the waste-pipe, having an outlet at B, and furnished with a hollow valve, D, the bottom of which is composed of a flexible diaphragm. Valve is filled with liquid, and hermetically sealed, and its diaphragm rests upon a bridge over the outlet-pipe. The presence of steam in the outer box so heats the water in valve that the diaphragm expands and raises valve up to the seat, я, а. - Page 115

The shaft has two screws of different pitches cut on it, one screwing into a fixed bearing, and the other into a bearing free to move to and fro. Rotary motion of the shaft gives rectilinear motion to the movable bearing, a distance equal to the difference of pitches, at each revolution. - Page 67

By the upward motion of the outward end of the short lever, the rim of the wheel is jammed between the end of the lever and the flanges of the block, so as to cause friction sufficient to turn the wheel by the further upward movement of the lever. The backward movement of the wheel is prevented by a common ratchet-wheel and pawls ; as the short lever is pushed down it frees the wheel and slides freely over it. Fig. - Page 71

Archimedes- screw to raising water, the supply stream being the motive power. The oblique shaft of the wheel has extending through it a spiral passage, the lower end of which is immersed in water, and the stream, acting upon the wheel at its lower end, produces its revolution, by which the water is conveyed upward continuously through the spiral passage and discharged at the top. - Page 107

The upright standard is secured to the boat, and the tongue hinged to its upper end enters an eye in the level which works on a fulcrum at the middle of the standard. A similar apparatus is applied at each end of the boat. The hooks of the tackles hook into the tongues, which are secure until it is desired to detach the boat, when a rope attached to the lower end of each lever is pulled in such a direction as to slip the eye at the upper end of the lever from off the tongue, which being then liberated... - Page 117

A, is concentric with the frame, we have an epicyclic train of which the wheels at both extremities are concentric with the frame. In this train we may either communicate the driving motion to the arm and one extreme wheel, in order to produce an aggregate rotation of the other extreme wheel, or motion may be given to the two extreme wheels, A and D, of the train, and the aggregate motion will thus be communicated to the arm. - Page 121

Geometrical diagram indicates mode of setting instruments, legs forming it may form unequal angles with blade. At either end of dotted line crossing central, a pin is inserted vertically for instrument to work against. Supposing it to be inconvenient to produce the convergent lines until they intersect, even temporarily, for the purpose of setting the instrument as shown, a corresponding convergence may be found between them by drawing a line parallel to and inward from each. Fig. - Page 99

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